Expert Data Protection Consulting from

PRIVIO Advisory

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Expert Data Protection Consulting from PRIVIO Advisory

Welcome to PRIVIO Advisory, the Luxembourg-based advisory firm that provides expert guidance on data privacy and GDPR compliance to businesses worldwide.
We are helping businesses worldwid comply with GDPR and protect their customers’ data
Our team of experienced advisors understands the complexities of data protection regulations and can help your business comply with GDPR requirements while protecting your customers’ sensitive data.

Our Goal

As the business operations become increasingly more digital, privacy and data protection are more important than ever.
The consumers want to know if their personal data are being handled responsibly and securely, and the regulators are focusing on all industries in order to improve their approach towards the protection of data subjects’ rights.
That’s where PRIVIO Advisory comes in. Our experienced data protection team provices comprehensive data privacy solutions to help you navigate the landscape of data protection laws and build up trust with your consumers.

Key Benefits

Achieve compliance

with data protection laws and regulations, including e-commerce.

Build up customer trust

with transparent and responsible data handling practices.

Access to expert advice

and support tailored to your unique needs.


legal risks, data loss and avoid damage to your brand and image.

Find out more about our advisory services and how we can help your business stay GDPR compliant.

Our Office


21, rue Glesener
L-1631 Luxembourg

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